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Cien preguntas tipo para el test de cívica

1-What are the colors of our flag?
Red, White, and Blue.
2- How many stars are there in our flag?
3- What color are the stars on our flag?
4- What do the stars on the flag mean?
One for each state in the Union.
5- How many stripes are there in the flag?
6- What color are the stripes?
Red and White.
7- What do the stripes on the flag mean?
They represent the original 13 states.
8- How many states are there in the Union?
9- What is the 4th of July?
Independence Day.
10- What is the date of Independence Day?
July 4th.
11- Independence from whom?
12- What country did we fight during the Revolutionary War?
13- Who was the first President of the United States?
George Washington.
14- Who is the President of the United States today?
Donald Trump.
15- Who is the Vice-President of the United States today?
Mike Pence.
16- Who elects the President of the United States?
The electoral college.
17- Who becomes the President of the United States if the President should die?
18- For how long do we elect the President?
Four years.
19- What is the Constitution?
The supreme law of the land.
20- Can the Constitution be changed?
21- What do we call a change to the Constitution?
22- How many changes or amendments are there to the Constitution?
23- How many branches are there in our government?
24- What are the three branches of our government?
Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary.
25- What is the legislative branch of our government?
26- Who makes the laws in the United States?
27- What is Congress?
The Senate and the House of Representatives.
28- What are the duties of Congress?
To make laws.
29- Who elects Congress?
The people.
30- How many senators are there in Congress?
31- Can you name the two senators from your state?
In Florida: Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.
32- For how long do we elect each senator?
6 years.
33- How many representatives are there in Congress?
34- For how long do we elect the representatives?
2 years.
35- What is the executive branch of our government?
The President, cabinet, and departments under the cabinet members.
36- What is the judiciary branch of our government?
The Supreme Court.
37- What are the duties of the Supreme Court?
To interpret laws.
38- What is the supreme law of the United States?
The Constitution.
39- What is the Bill of Rights?
The first 10 amendments of the Constitution.
40- What is the capital of your state?
Florida: Tallahassee.
41- Who is the current governor of your state?
Florida: Ron DeSantis.
42- Who becomes President of the United States if the President and the Vice-President should die?
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
43- Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
John G. Roberts Jr.
44- Can you name the 13 original states?
Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Rhode Island, and Maryland.
45- Who said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”?
Patrick Henry.
46- Which countries were our enemies during World War II?
Germany, Italy, and Japan.
47- What are the 49th and 50th states of the Union?
Hawaii and Alaska.
48- How many terms can a President serve?
49- Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
A civil rights leader.
50- Who is the head of your local government?
(Include local information).
51- According to the Constitution, a person must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible to become President. Name one of these requirements.
Must be a natural born citizen of the United States; Must be at least 35 years old by the time he/she will serve; Must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.
52- Why are there 100 Senators in the Senate?
2 from each state.
53- Who selects the Supreme Court justices?
Appointed by the President.
54- How many Supreme Court justices are there?
55- Why did the Pilgrims come to America?
For religious freedom.
56- What is the head executive of a state government called?
57- What is the head executive of a city government called?
58- What holiday was celebrated for the first time by American colonists?
59- Who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson.
60- When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?
July 4th, 1776.
61- What is the basic belief of the Declaration of Independence?
That all men are created equal.
62- What is the national anthem of the United States?
The Star-Spangled Banner.
63- Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner?
Francis Scott Key.
64- Where does freedom of speech come from?
The Bill of Rights.
65- What is the minimum voting age in the United States?
66- Who signs bills into law?
The President.
67- What is the highest court in the United States?
The Supreme Court.
68- Who was President during the Civil War?
Abraham Lincoln.
69- What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
Freed many slaves.
70- What special group advises the President?
The Cabinet.
71- Which President is called the “Father of our country?”
George Washington.
72- What Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service’s form is used to apply to become a naturalized citizen?
Form N-400, “Application to File Petition for Naturalization”.
73- Who helped the Pilgrims in America?
The American Indians (Native Americans).
74- What is the name of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America?
The Mayflower.
75- What were the 13 original states of the U.S. called?
76- Name 3 rights or freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
a- The right of freedom of speech, press, religion, peaceable assembly and requesting change of government.
b- The right to bear arms (the right to have weapons or own a gun, though subject to certain regulations).
c- The government may not quarter, or house, soldiers in the people’s homes during peacetime without the people’s consent.
d- The government may not search or take a person’s property without a warrant.
e- A person may not be tried twice for the same crime and does not have to testify against him/herself.
f- A person charged with a crime still has some rights, such as the right to a trial and to have a lawyer.
g- The right to trial by jury in most cases.
h- Protects people against excessive or unreasonable fines or cruel and unusual punishment.
i- The people have rights other than those mentioned in the Constitution.
j- Any power not given to the federal government by the Constitution is a power of either the states or the people.
77- Who has the power to declare war?
The Congress.
78- What kind of government does the United States have?
79- Which President freed the slaves?
Abraham Lincoln.
80- In what year was the Constitution written?
81- What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called?
The Bill of Rights.
82- Name one purpose of the United Nations.
For countries to discuss and try to resolve world problems; to provide economic aid to many countries.
83- Where does Congress meet?
In the Capitol in Washington, D.C.
84- Whose rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
Everyone (citizens and non-citizens living in the U.S.).
85- What is the introduction to the Constitution called?
The Preamble.
86- Name one benefit to being a citizen of the United States?
Obtain federal government jobs; travel with a U.S. passport; petition for close relatives to come to the U.S. to live.
87- What is the most important right granted to U.S. citizens?
The right to vote.
88- What is the United States Capitol?
The place where Congress meets.
89- What is the White House?
The President’s official home.
90- Where is the White House located?
Washington, D.C., (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.).
91- What is the name of the President’s official home?
The White House.
92- Name one right guaranteed by the first amendment.
Freedom of: speech, press, religion, peaceable assembly, and, requesting change of the government.
93- Who is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military?
The President.
94- Which President was the first Commander in Chief of the U.S. military?
George Washington.
95- In what month do we vote for President?
96- In what month is the new President inaugurated?
97- How many times may a Senator be re-elected?
There is no limit.
98- How many times may a Congressman be re-elected?
There is no limit.
99- What are the 2 major political parties in the U.S. today?
Democratic and Republican.
100- How many states are there in the United States?

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